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  • 03/08/2020 8:23 PM
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    Bryan Moretz (Administrator)

    Exceptional opportunity to include your students in a field test of a critical real world issue - to save the last wild salmon system on Earth!

    Have you seen the documentary film, The WildAn urgent threat emerges to spur fisherman/filmmaker, Mark Titus back to the wilds of Alaska, where the people of Bristol Bay and its storied wild salmon runs face devastation if a massive copper mine is constructed.

    Mark invites you to bring this critical issue into your classroom, allowing your students to participate in the urgent need to save the Bristol Bay watershed! The documentary film, The Wild, and the accompanying curriculum provide an exceptional opportunity for you and your students to engage in a real-life struggle to save the last fully-intact wild salmon system left on Earth. The film introduces students to stunning visuals of the pristine wilderness that is the Bristol Bay watershed and to those who survive and thrive on the bounty of this salmon run. They also learn of the very real and immediate threat to this unique place, delving deeply into the issues and perspectives of a variety of stakeholders. By taking action, students can play a vital role in preserving this rare and valuable resource, as well as the lives of those who depend on the return of this healthy salmon run.

    Become a field tester!

    We need classes in grades 6-12 to field test the curriculum. The director, Mark Titus, wants to hear your feedback on how to make it understandable and effective for teachers and students to share nationwide. Classes can be one or more grade levels.


    1) Sign up by contacting Laura Tucker at Ltucker@berkeley.edu. Include your grade level, time frame when you could field test the curriculum, and how this will benefit you and your students.

    2) The curriculum and testing covers 7 sessions and will take 7-9 class periods. See the attached “Intro and Table of Contents” for the time frame and objectives. You will need to field test the whole unit in order to participate.

    3) Complete a feedback survey after each of the 7 sessions

    Field test time frame

    After signing up for the field test at, you will have until April 15th to complete the field test and return your feedback surveys.

    To thank you for your time and feedback ...

    To acknowledge our deep appreciation for your participation, teachers who complete a field test of the curriculum, and the feedback surveys, will get to have the director, Mark Titus, come into your classroom for a Q&A with your students. For most, this will be via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, etc. If your classroom happens to be in or near a city on Mark’s film screening tour (see attached list), he will visit your class in person. If you choose, field test classes will also be listed in the slides shown at each screening, and in the final curriculum.


    Please contact Laura Tucker at Ltucker@berkeley.edu

    We look forward to including you and your students in this rare opportunity!

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