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Elections 2017-2018

NMLSTA currently is accepting nominations for the positions of Co-President-Elect and two members of the Board of Directors.



Anyone who has been a member of NMLSTA for three years in good standing and is a current member can be a nominee for President-elect. The President-elect will serve a 1 year term in that position and continue serving a 1 year term as President and a 1 year term as Past-President.

Duties of the President-elect

  1. Assist the President as appropriate and necessary.
  2. Serve on the Budget and Executive Committees.
  3. Assume the duties of the President when necessary.
  4. Help develop and promote NMLSTA sessions held at NSTA Area and National Conference.


Any member in good standing of NMLSTA can be a nominee for Secretary.

Duties of the Secretary

  1. Prepare and submit minutes in a timely fashion to the President for distribution to the Board of Directors for its revision and approval.
  2. Maintain and keep readily accessible a record of the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.
  3. File a copy of the minutes into the archives.
  4. Serve on the Visions and Executive Committees.
  5. Transcribe the minutes taken by a Secretary pro tem.
  6. Compile an on-going account of attendance of members of the Board of Directors and its meetings.
  7. Provide a directory of the home and work addresses and telephone numbers of all members of the Board of Directors for inclusion in the Handbook.
  8. Maintain all official NMLSTA archives filed chronologically and shall assume other duties as the President shall specify.

Board of Directors

Any member in good standing of NMLSTA can be a nominee for the Board of Directors. Two Directors are elected each year for 3 year terms.

Duties of Elected Directors

  1. Serve as the primary liaison between the Membership and the Board of Directors and Committees.
  2. Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors.
  3. Actively promote membership in the NMLSTA.
  4. Actively serve on Committees as determined by the President.
  5. Be responsible to promote middle level science education through active involvement in other organizations and activities.
  6. Submit written reports of their activities to the President for inclusion in the Annual Report.
  7. Assume other such duties as the Board of Directors shall specify.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors

or the position of President Elect, the following should be submitted to

Mary Lou Lipscomb (mailto:mllscience@aol.com) using “NMLSTA Nominations” as the subject

  1. One page professional vitae (resume) including education, teaching experience, professional memberships, activities, and awards.
  2. Statement of your educational philosophy and key goals to pursue as a member of the NMLSTA Board of Directors (175 words maximum).
  3. One letter of support from an administrator or colleague who knows your work.

Submission Deadline is January 15, 2018

Voting will be done electronically during January 2018

National Middle Level Science Teacher's Association

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