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2021 NMLSTA Election Voting will take place during February 2021

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Get to Know Your Newly Elected Officials



Magnet Program Coordinator | Golden Ring Middle School, Rosedale, Maryland


I am Edralin Pagarigan, an experienced middle school science educator and teacher leader in the public schools. I am currently the Magnet Coordinator of the Health Sciences program in my school. I have been a Science teacher since I graduated from an Education degree in my country, Philippines. I was a member of the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) International Advisory Board (2012-2015) and currently a board member of NMLSTA (2018-2021). I am in doctoral candidacy for Doctor of Education in Science education degree from Morgan State University, Maryland. I am a mother of four girls and love hiking and traveling. I am looking forward to working with you and very excited to contribute in the vision of the NMLSTA leadership.


“To be a leader is to be able to develop future leaders”, this describes a philosophy that I hold as a teacher leader. My career path leads towards the advancement of science education in the national and global levels through active participation in developing effective science instruction and collaboration with science teachers.

As a science teacher, I aim to foster students’ interest while learning science by being passionate to mold students as risk takers in problem solving while experiencing failures. Developing students’ understanding of the nature of science and science processes is my next goal as a science teacher. Lastly, as technology plays a significant role in students’ learning in the modern age, my goal is to maximize technology resources that facilitate learning process and assessment of learning.

To keep our students to be globally competitive, it is imperative to advance our students in our classrooms toward the STEM pipeline. Thus, this leadership, a role that I have consistently worked on throughout my teaching career, my goal is to help cultivate students’ zeal in science.

Board of Directors

Grade 8 Science Teacher | Eisenhower Middle School, Wyckoff, New Jersey


Currently, I am a middle school science teacher, core team leader, and middle school science facilitator. Since 2013, I have guided a department of 12 science specialists through the transition to and implementation of 3-dimensional science instruction and curriculum alignment to NJ state standards for science (NGSS). Throughout my 28-year career, I have been active in state and national science and middle school professional organizations and online networks. I regularly present at state, regional and national conferences. Over the years I participated in international teacher study programs. Receiving the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching was a career highlight.


As a classroom teacher, I engage students in place-based scientific inquiry to explain phenomena and extend learning to action and engineering applications, I believe that the middle school years are a critical time for developing student competency in science and engineering practices while building a solid foundation of scientific knowledge rooted in disciplinary core ideas connected through crosscutting concepts. Middle school is an ideal time to introduce students to STEM careers as they explore integrated strands of life, physical, and earth and space science. I am committed to coaching and encouraging students to pursue their personal interests in science and engineering.

 As a member of the NMLSTA Board of Directors, my primary goal would be to support programming and services for middle level science educators that stimulate, promote, and foster growth and improvement in middle school science instruction. I would bring to the NMLSTA leadership team experience in curriculum development, successful grant writing expertise, active participation in professional networks, strong technology and communications skills, global education perspectives, knowledge and understanding of emerging trends in middle level education, and a willingness to work collaboratively to plan and implement programming to meet the unique needs of middle level science educators.


Science Teacher | Winfield Middle School, Winfield, Illinois


I would like to take this opportunity to share my qualifications for the NMLSTA Board of Directors. I have 27 years of experience as an educator for grades 1st-8th. During that time, I have presented at NSTA National Conferences including involvement at MMITM Days. I have been involved with NEED (National Energy Education Development) and have had opportunities to help facilitate teacher training at local and national teacher workshops. Likewise, I challenge my students to pursue opportunities for advancement which has led to competing on a Science Olympiad team and attending the Youth Energy Conference and Awards in Washington, DC.


My teaching philosophy is that children are born scientists and it is our job to facilitate learning and let their natural curiosity lead the way. Children learn by doing, and if we truly want them to understand scientific concepts, it is vital to provide them with hands on learning opportunities. Our students pick up on our own interest level in the topics we teach, so the more excited we are about the concepts we are presenting, the more level of engagement we can expect from them.

One of my goals as a member of the NMLSTA Board of Directors is to connect science educators. We all have so much to contribute and to learn from each other. I feel that as an educator, it is important to continue learning myself. I make it a point to let my students see me as a lifelong learner and see that even at my age, I can be excited about discovering something new. I want my students to see that education is a journey, not a destination.

For any questions related to the election, please contact the Elections Chairperson, Mary Lou Lipscomb at mllscience@aol.com                                                 

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