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 NMLSTA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


of the

National Middle Level Science Teachers Association



Section 1.  The name of this Association shall be the National Middle Level Science Teachers’ Association, Incorporated. Said Association may also be referred to as the Association or NMLSTA.

Section 2.  The National Middle Level Science Teachers’ Association Incorporated is incorporated in compliance with Section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Furthermore, the NMLSTA is incorporated as a nonprofit organization under the laws of the District of Columbia.

Section 3.   None of the profits or loses of this organization shall be accrued by or distributed to a Member of the NMLSTA or any other individual except as the Association may be authorized and empowered to reimburse expenses, pay reasonable compensation for services rendered, or to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the object and purpose set forth in Article II hereof.


Section 1.  The objectives of the NMLSTA shall be:  to stimulate, improve, and coordinate science teaching in the middle level grades which shall include grades five through nine, to promote the continuity of science education by developing and improving programs that begin in preschool or first grade and develop in a continuous fashion through grade twelve and beyond, to recruit and retain qualified individuals to teach science at the middle level, to develop and improve education and curriculum programs for science teachers preparing to teach at the middle level, and to improve the public identity and status of the middle level science educator.

Section 2.   Progress toward these objectives shall be made through meetings and activities, the distribution of various publications, and in such other ways that the Board of Directors may approve. In addition, the NMLSTA may work in cooperation with other organizations and agencies that share mutual goals and objectives with the NMLSTA. The Association shall not engage in any activity which would be inconsistent with the status of an educational, charitable, and scientific organization as defined in Section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or any successor provision thereto.


Section 1.  The Membership shall consist of six classes:

A.    Active

B.     Honorary

C.     Life

D.    Student

E.     Retired

F.      Institutional

Section 2.  Dues and Eligibility

A.    Except for Honorary and Life Members, membership is maintained by the payment of annual dues as described in the NMLSTA Handbook. The dues for each category of membership shall be determined by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors only after the proposed dues are announced to the Membership in an issue of the Newsletter, as described in the Bylaws.

B.     Active Membership (also known as Members) is open to all individuals interested in science education at the middle level. Persons who qualify for Student Membership are ineligible for regular membership.

C.     Honorary Membership is reserved for those members or other distinguished persons upon whom the Association wishes to bestow special honor. Honorary Members must be nominated by all active Members and elected by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.

D.    Members who have served a term as President of the Association shall automatically become Life Members. Other persons may be elected to Life Membership upon the nomination by a Member of the Board of Directors and a unanimous vote of said Board.

E.     Fulltime, post-secondary school students who are interested in the learning and teaching of middle level science are eligible for Student Membership.

F.      Teachers who have retired from active, fulltime middle level science teaching are eligible for Retired Teacher Membership.

G.    An Institutional Membership may be attained by businesses, corporations, schools and other groups that support the objectives and purposes of the Association. This category requires a special dues structure, rights, and privileges as described in the Handbook.

Section 3.  Term of Membership

A.    Except for Life Membership and Honorary Membership, the term of Membership shall be for one year. Multi-year memberships may be established by the Board for some categories, as described in the Handbook.

B.     Any Member may resign from the Association by submitting a written resignation to the Board of Directors. Such resignation shall be effective as of the date received by the Association. The balance of dues will be forfeited by the resigning member.


Section l.  Officers:

A.    The elected Officers of this Association shall be the President, President-elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

B.     The succession from President to Past President shall be automatic.

Section 2.  Directors:

A.    Six Directors will be elected by the membership.

B.     The Board of Directors may create additional Directors by a unanimous vote of said Board not to exceed a Board size of 25.

Section 3.  Election and Terms of Office:

A.    Election of Officers and Directors will be held annually. The ballot will be sent in the fall issue of the Newsletter with ballots returned for tabulation by February 1st.

B.     Officers and Directors shall be elected by ballot cast by the Membership. The nominating committee will made every effort to assure two candidates for each available position. However, if there is only one uncontested candidate for a position, the ballot for said position may be dispensed with by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. The nominee will thereupon be elected to the Board of Directors by a single vote cast by the Secretary.

C.     The new term of office for Officers and Directors shall begin at the close of the Annual Membership Meeting.

D.    The terms of President-elect, President, and Immediate Past President shall be for one year. All other officers serve a term of three years. The term of Director shall be for three years with one-third of the Directors being elected annually.

E.     Officers may be elected to hold said office for one term. Directors may be elected to hold office for two consecutive three-year terms.


Section 1.  Composition:

A.    The board of Directors shall consist of the duly elected Officers and Directors of the Association and the President of the National Science Teachers Association or an appointee. In addition, the board shall consist of the chairs of all standing committees.

B.     The Board of Directors may make additional appointments to the Board by unanimous vote. At no time shall the Board consist of more than 25 voting members.

C.     All members of the NMLSTA Board of Directors shall be members in good standing, holding current Membership in NMLSTA.

Section 2.  Responsibility

A.    The governing body of this Association shall be the Board of Directors.  The elected members of the Board of Directors shall act on behalf of the Membership and shall have all of the power of the Membership between Annual Meetings.

B.     Members of the Board of Directors who have been elected by the NMLSTA Membership, the NMLSTA Publications Chair, the NMLSTA Membership Director, and the President of the National Science Teachers’ Association or an appointee, shall have voting privileges of said Board.

C.     The President is entitled to vote only when the vote is by ballot and in all cases where the outcome of tie vote would change due to Presidential vote.

Section 3.  Associate and Affiliate Groups:

A.    General Characteristics:

1.      The NMLSTA may establish relationships with other groups.

2.      Associated and Affiliate Groups shall be self-governing, not-for- profit, and maintain financial autonomy from NMLSTA.

B.     Descriptions:

1.      Associated group refers to any not-for-profit local, state, province, or national organization which has as its purpose the advancement and improvement of science education. An Associated group may restrict its membership along such lines as field or area of science, grade level, and/or geographic location.

2.      Affiliates are major national science teaching organizations whose goals and membership are compatible with those of the NMLSTA.

C.     Representation on the NMLSTA Board of Directors:

1.      An organization shall apply for Affiliate or Associate status through the President of the NMLSTA. Said procedure shall be described by the By-laws.

2.      The President or an appointee of each Affiliate or Associate group may sit on the NMLJSTA Board of Directors in a nonvoting capacity unless special privileges are provided through mutual agreements and unanimous approval of the NMLSTA Board of Directors.


Section 1.  The Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President.

Section 2.  Standing Committees:

The Standing Committees shall include the:

A.    Elections Committee

B.     Budget Committee

C.     Membership Committee

D.    Visions Committee

E.     Conference and Workshop Committee

F.      Publications Committee

G.    State Contacts Committee

H.    Audit Committee

I.        Awards Committee

J.       Internet Committee

Section 3.  Special Committees:

Special committees may be established by the President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, whenever such additional committees are necessary to carry out the work of the Association.


Section 1.  Annual Meeting:

A.    There shall be an Annual Meeting of the Membership held in conjunction with the National Science Teachers’ Association National (NSTA) Convention.  

B.     At the Annual Meeting, the President shall submit to the Membership an Annual Report and seek the Membership’s approval of the activities of the Board of Directors and its appointees through a show of hands vote.

Section 2.  Other Meetings:

A.    The NMLSTA may hold other meetings and conferences at such times and places as the Board of Directors shall designate to meet the objectives and purposes of the Association.

B.     A special meeting of the Membership may be initiated by a petition from ten percent (10%) of the voting Membership.


Section 1.  The Newsletter is the official publication of NMLSTA and the means by which the Board will communicate with the Membership.

Section 2.  The Board may establish other publications as appropriate.


This Constitution may be amended by two-thirds vote cast by the Members in a mail ballot. Proposed changes may be initiated by the Board of Directors or by petition signed by at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the Active and Life Membership.


In the event that this Association should ever be dissolved, any remaining assets will be donated to the National Science Teachers’ Association. Such donation will be made after the resolution of all debts, obligations, and liabilities.


The rules contained in the current edition of Roberts’ Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are consistent with the Constitution, By-laws and Operating Policies of the Association.

The Constitution was adopted on February 1, 1995.

The Constitution was amended on February 1, 1999.

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